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The Community Impact of COVID-19

Dr. George Conway, MD, MPH (Health Service Director, Deschutes County), Lora Nordquist (Interim Superintendent, Bend-La Pine Schools), Eric King (City Manager, Bend), and Scott Cooper (Executive Director, NeighborImpact) discuss the impact of COVID-19 has had on Central Oregon communities. Moderated by Bend Bulletin editor Gerry O'Brien. Watch the recorded zoom webinar at the COMS YouTube channel:

Avoiding the Opioid Overdose Epidemic: What is a Clinician To Do?

April 10, 2017
Jessica LeBlanc, MD, MPH,
Kim Swanson, PhD and Kym Garrett, LAc present what we can to to continue to avoid the opioid overdose epidemic.

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COMS Plans for Medical Professional Wellness Program

February 6, 2017 - COMS Plans for Medical Professional Wellness Program

Let Them Sleep: Benefits of Delayed School Start Time for Teens

by Natalia Usatii, MD
Sleep Physician, St. Charles Healthcare System
COMS Presentation, May 8, 2019C

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Recreational Marijuana: Implications for Medical Practice - February 2016

A Panel of Experts including our Emergency Room Staff reviewed the challenges of Oregon's New Law

Mandi Puckett, Executive Director, CLEAR Alliance

Senior Judge Gary Thompson, Oregon Circuit Court Judge (Ret.)
Frances McCabe, MD, St. Charles Emergency Department
Valerie Bailie, MD
, FAAP, Central Oregon Pediatric Associates

State of St. Charles Healthcare System

Bob Gomes, CEO, SCMC-Bend and SCMC-Redmond, and Jeff Absalon, MD, review the current impact and challenges of SCHS, with emphasis on the effect of the Affordable Care Act and our Coordinated Care Organization

Disease Screening: Value vs. Jeopardy: Point-Counterpoint 5/6/13

Heather West, MD, Cora Calomeni, MD and Archie Bleyer, MD reviewed the benefits and risks of disease screening, as exemplified by breast cancer.

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2013 Tax Changes and Implications

Gregory M. Pollack, JD, CFP, President and Founder, G. Pollack Financial
presented his assessment and careful predictions for 2013 tax changes and implications.

Oregon Medical Board Basics and Updates

Jim Pick, MD, Medical Director, Oregon Medical Board
Presentation to the Central Oregon Medical Society on May 7. 2012 at the Pronghorn Clubhouse

M.D. Aptronyms

Bleyer's lifetime collection presented at Family Day, September 11, 2011

What do these docs do? Download the presentation to find answer
Dr. Butcher   [G.W.U.]
Dr. Bloodlove  [Johns Hopkins]
Dr. Blades  [George Washington University]
Dr. Gouge  (Thomas)
Dr. Slaughter  [Lenox Hill, NYC)

Marinus Koning, MD: Ethiopia - March 1, 2010

Dr. Koning describes his medical missionary experences in Ethiopia and the Reach Another Foundation he has developed to help support an overwhelming need for basic medical services.   For more information:

Editorial by John Costa, Editor-in-Chief, The Bulletin, May 17, 2009

See also Mr. Costa's editorial published in The Bulletin, May 17, 2009 provided below

Comments by John Costa, Editor-in-Chief, The Bulletin, to COMS & COIPA

Evolution of The Bulletin�s Health Care Coverage   *   Importance of Information for the Public
Lawyers, Lawsuits and Media Coverage  * 
St. Charles Medical Center vs. Bend Memorial Clinic *  May 11, 2009
[See also Mr. Costa's Editorial the following Sunday provided above]

Lessons for Health Reform from Canada: Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

David Feeny, PhD:  Dr. describes how Canada's healthcare system is more applicable to the U.S. than generally appreciated

Gov. John Kitzhaber, MD, March 9, 2009

Turning Risk into Opportunity:  Physician Leadership in a Changing Practice Enviroment

Caitlyn Belza, March 9, 2009

Inauguration of Barack Obama by Caitlyn Belza, student, Summit High School