By Zeke Duge of Sisters  /  My Nickel’s Worth  /  The Bulletin  /  Mar 15, 2014

I am saddened by Dr. Archie Bleyers March 8 opinion piece “Suicide is a valid reason to reduce firearm availability” in The Bulletin. It appears the Bleyer believes that if the government takes away firearms from the general public, suicide rates will go down. I disagree: Suicide is the most personal act an individual can commit. The method of carrying out that decision is of no consequence. I have lost my grandfather (pistol) and favorite uncle (rifle) to suicide. I firmly believe with help, possibly medication and support, this would not have happened, but I do not blame the weapons.
It annoys me that Bleyer chooses to prey on those unfortunates who suffer from demons we do not know to advance an agenda promoting gun control under the guise of helping reduce suicide and public suffering. In the second paragraph of his opinion piece, he identifies another strategy for expanding background checks by addressing in the media self-inflicted harm by attempted suicide. This is reprehensible! To use the suffering of those of us who are left to advance an agenda that does not attempt to alleviate, reduce, improve or assuage the tragedy, but to capitalize on that suffering only to promote personal goals, should be condemned by every human on this planet. …

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